Thursday, February 14, 2013


Love is in the air?

The simple thing about Muslims is, when we're Muslims we should be a thorough and entirely submit to God and His Commands and Restrictions.

and when it comes to love, He already outlined the path that love can brings you to the ultimate destination...>> Heaven.

our main focus is not just the world temporary pleasure, we seek the ways to please Him, so that we all can go back home, in Paradise.

So as simple, we don't celebrate Valentine's due to the fact that in Islam, you love your parents, siblings and your partners that are entwined in marriage everyday, every single day for the rest of your life. Everyday is a special day where we need to caress, be gentle, be kind and loving to each other, instead of bundling it up as a one day celebration. Everyday is a reminder that you may die anytime, without knowing it, so you be the best of character to the loved ones, without lack or lag.

No, it's not shallowness or narrow-mindedness. This is rather the expansion of love, unlimited, thorough and full, in authentic ways, to please Him.

As much as we respect other people's inclination or freedom to celebrate, we too hoped, that our refusal to celebrate this day be respected and not be ridiculed.

And to my dearest Muslims brothers and sisters, check the facts right before making this day a religious sentiment that may offend others faith and believers, because you may achieve to prevent your brothers and sisters of the same faith celebrating, but at what cost? Hurting other's?

Everyday is a loving day :)
Peace you all.

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